Sunday, February 19, 2012

PB&J Heart Cookies

Despite how much I love to bake, the Mr. and I are not really dessert people. When holidays come around, I covet the time I get to spend creating sweet deliciousness for other people. Valentine's Day is no exception. I didn't have much time last Monday as it was a rough day in the office and a tax-filing headache at home, but I still wanted to make something for my coworkers and neighbors. Since I didn't start until about 9pm, making a homemade dough was out of the question but I did have some peanut butter cookie mix laying around and then it hit me... I saw a cute little heart thumbprint cookie in either Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple, or Martha Stewart Living a couple of years ago and thought I'd finally revisit the idea by making PB&J cookies!

I used the Betty Crocker Peanut Butter Cookie Mix and prepared it according to the instructions. Rather than flatten it out with a fork like you generally would, I created a thumbprint cookie where I overlapped my thumb impressions to create a little heart ditch. I filled the ditch with some Triple Berry Fruit Spread (just a little). I then baked the cookies according to package directions.

Voila! Precious heart cookies!

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