Sunday, February 26, 2012

Revisiting Trends

While out on errands today, I mosied over to the nail polish section of Target while the Mr. was picking out some vitamins and was overcome with glee for all of the super glittered lacquers that are hot right now. I was never a fan of the crackle finish; it looks neat but it's not the girly kind of thing I swoon over. But this glitter? It's so flipping cute. I feel like I'm back in 4th grade with my Wet N' Wild Glittered nails. It's awesome when fun trends from the past experience a revival.

This got me thinking... What other things do I love that are back (or that I wish would come back)?

LEG WARMERS!! The Mr. got me the cutest pair ever for Valentine's day and I would love to be able to  actually wear them in public. They're so warm and comfy and perfect.

Image via Etsy; Original Source: homelab 

RAY BANS! I'm not sure they ever went out of style, but they're so retro-chic it's almost unbearable. I need to get myself one of these fun pairs

Image via Pinterest; Original Source: unknown

GEOMETRIC PATTERNS - Whether it be on a modern rug (like in my office) or on a beautiful blouse, funky patterns circa 1965 are back with a vengeance and I could not be happier.

Image via Pinterest; Original source: Urban Outfitters

COLORED TIPS! This is so 80s punk mixed with My Little Pony I can barely stand it. I wish I had the type of life / job where hair like this was acceptable because I would be all over it. It's fun and beautiful and I give mad props to any lady who can pull this off as well as the model.
Image via Google; Original Source: Thrilld

FARMERS MARKETS! This hearkens to a simpler time before shopping at a super Wal-mart was the norm and I absolutely love that. Our tiny little town just opened it's own market last spring and now our house is only about a mile away which is fantastic.
Image via Google; Original Source: Collegeville Farmers Market

VW BEETLES! What girl didn't grow up with a pink Barbie Bug? I loved mine and I saw one of these driving down the highway a few days ago and had a whistful look in my eye, I'm sure.

Image via Google; Original Source: CarzTune

After going through so many ideas for this this, I actually found quite a few things that I really hope don't come back (bell bottoms anyone?! UGH)... Future post?

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