Sunday, February 5, 2012

Upcycling - Old Dress Fabric to Cute Bracelets

Have you ever trashed some beautiful article of clothing because it was beyond repair and couldn't even be considered for donation? Well, I have. Mostly because I seem to find things I love and wear them out until they're just shells of their old selves. One such thing was a dress I got a few years ago in a really pretty dark watercolor-esque print. It was perfect for summer/spring nights on it's own, great for autumn with a cardigan, and awesome for winter with heavy tights and a scarf. Needless to say, I wore it until the fabric started to lose it's shape and was no longer worth wearing. I've had it in a trash bag in my closet for over a month but I just couldn't seem to part with it. Finally, I thought, why not salvage usable scraps and incorporate them into something new?

Well, I did just that and made two lovely bracelets.

One is doubled-up braid where I also used the spaghetti straps as ties to finish it off. The second is part of the bow that wrapped around the dress which was a tube of fabric. I just slipped in a couple of wooden beads and knotted the fabric after each and VOILA.

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