Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm A Cover Girl!

Well, it's been hard not letting it out into the public forum for the past few months, but the Mr. and I are in Real Simple's April issue!!!
Yes, you read that right. My crafty haven was redecorated by Real Simple's talented organizational/design team. It is UH-MAY-ZING. In all seriousness it is the most beautiful room I have ever seen and what's better is that each and every item in my 10'x10' space serves a purpose. I'm so grateful that Real Simple chose to give me this wonderful opportunity because I never could have dreamed up the ideas that they had, nor would my budget allow for such a transformation.

My Top 5 Splurges

One of a Kind Vintage Chair - $650 from Chairloom -  Similar Styles Here
The pattern and design of this reupholstered seat is none like I have ever seen before and it's so comfortable! I love sitting there while I'm coming up with new craft ideas or doing some research on my laptop.

Model 1 Radio - $150 at Tivoli Audio - Found Here
The Mr. couldn't agree more and loves showing it off. The sound is impeccable and the design is minimal yet sophisticated.

Handmade Bulletin Board - Fabric: $196/yd at Lee Jofa - Found Here
Chip Cordelli (my organizer-extraordinaire!) made this bulletin board for me out of some really fantastic fabric wrapped around hardware store homasote. I wish I had another office just so I could make one myself!

Super Jumbo Naked Trunk - $313 at -  Similar Style Here
Another great idea from Mr. Cordelli -- A gift wrap central set in a trunk. Tension rods act as ribbon organizers and clear shoe boxes house ribbons, tags, cards and calligraphy pens. Besides it's ultimate purpose, I've been obsessed with steamer trunks for the past few years so I love having this really modern alternative.

Fallon Rug by Jill Rosenwald for Surya - $385 at Rugs USA - Similar Style Here
I love a nice rug and this is nice times a billion. When we first bought our house 7 months ago, I had wanted a geometric patterned rug for down in the living room. The Mr. hadn't entertained that idea very long (boohoo) so when Real Simple presented this as an option for above the wall-to-wall carpeting in the room, I was elated. It's beautiful and vivid, yet very subtle in the entire room. 

Go out and grab the $4.99 issue to enjoy all the goodness between the two covers... you won't be disappointed! I'd love to hear what YOUR favorite pieces/ideas are.


  1. Lovely! I'm a fan of Real Simple (I only subscribe to two magazines). It's my favorite. I remember this article and now I've stumbled upon your blog.


  2. Wow what an amazing opportunity! I LOVE that chair!!


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