Thursday, May 31, 2012

Getting Schooled... by my dog

Besides the fact that Aubrey doesn't really like absolutely hates Quinn, adding a pup to our family was one of the best decisions we ever made. (Don't get me started on the Aubrey / Quinn situation, it just breaks my heart)

In these four short weeks, I feel like having a dog has already made such a difference to how I live my life.

  • I live by a routine mostly because I have no choice
  • I have a heck of a lot more patience because after all, "she's just a baby"
  • I get tons of fresh air because that girl rarely tires of green grass and blue skies
  • I spend more time enjoying nature because you never really know how many bunnies are right outside until you get a herding hound dog.
  • I appreciate silence because there are few moments in the day when I have just that (though, what fun would a quiet world be anyhow?)
  • I get to socialize more because I have opportunities to run into folks I never would have met before -- the dog treat baker, everyone at the dog park, the active neighbors around the block, and the kiddies that are attracted like magnets to Quinn.
Now that she's done her job in helping me to improve, it's my turn to teach her a thing or two --
Love, compassion, dependability, and obedience.

no, our couch is not that putrid yellow color. we are simply protecting it from the beast :)

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