Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Coconut-Mango Margarita Popsicles

Happy First Day of Summer! 

Not only is it the longest day but it just so happens to be the hottest as well. Ugh. You know it's gonna be bad when the "low" for the day is EIGHTY degrees. Unlike the Mr., I'm a wimp and do not tolerate the heat/humidity well. That's why today's treat is a perfect way to cool down while you usher in sticky summer nights: Coconut-Mangorita Popsicles. Does that sound summery or what?? Yep, I thought so, too.

Coconut-Mango Margarita Popsicles (makes 6)
What you need:
Popsicle Molds (or your handy-dandy Zoku if you have one)
1/2 can of coconut milk
1 fresh mango, chopped
1 cup of Virgin Margarita Mix (Jose Cuervo light is perfect)
2-3 Tablespoons of Tequila (too much, and it'll be practically impossible to freeze)

How you do it:
1. Put all ingredients into blender
2. Blend together for about a minute until very smooth
3. Pour into mold and let set until solid
          - In the Zoku it took a whopping 10 minutes, but the average popsicle mold will take 4-6 hours
4. Enjoy!

{pardon the poor quality photos but the sun was practically gone and it's no easier to take a good picture when your specimens are melting uncontrollably}

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