Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dream Catcher Necklace

Have I ever mentioned how artistically talented my husband is? In many ways, he puts me to shame but it's one of the qualities I love most about him. On our way home from our nephew's birthday bash, we had to stop at the craft store for some watercolor supplies for him. As we were checking out, I noticed that our cashier had on a super cute dream catcher necklace and I instantly wanted one. Now, normally I'm not so impulsive but dream catchers are kind of nostalgic for me. When us kids were growing up, we always had a dream catcher in our window and being that my father's grandfather was Cherokee, I was taught to treasure the dream catcher for what it symbolized.

Rather than search one out and wait for shipping, I figured I could try my hand at jewelry making and weave one together myself.

  • Brown cloth-wrapped wire (in the floral department)
  • 18" of embroidery floss, color of your choice
  • 16" length of chain
  • 1 jump ring
  • 16" twine

  1. Gather your materials in a well lit area. I had a small jewelry kit that I had never used so I was able to pick and choose what hardware I needed from in there.
  2. Form a circle with your floral wire. My wire was pretty bendable so I created a double loop and then twisted the ends into a rosette shape. If you want a clean circle then you can leave the ends down and wrap the entire loop in a dark colored fabric strip or ribbon.
  3. Tie the floss in a knot behind the rosette and then loop it around the circle as shown. I did this every inch or so.
  4. Now instead of using the wire to create your knots, weave the floss in and out of the existing pieces. I chose not to add any beads because I wanted mine to be very simplistic, but if you wanted to, this would be the point where you would string the beads onto the floss to incorporate with the pattern
  5. Continue this weaving pattern
  6. Once at the center, tie the floss in a knot and cut off the remaining thread as close to the knot as possible
  7. Using a jump ring attach the dream catcher to the center point on your chain
  8. String the twine through the two end links on the chain and tie the two fraying edges together. Leaving plenty of room to slip the necklace over your head.
you can see the jump ring at the top connecting the charm to the chain

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  1. Oh wow, that's beautiful!! I will definitely be following you from now on! :) -Jessica


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