Saturday, August 18, 2012

LucKEY Neighbor {printable}

I still can't believe that exactly a year ago today we closed on our house and moved in the same day. While it's a super quiet "everyone keeps to themselves" cul-de-sac, we have the best next-door neighbor ever.  There's no doubt in my mind that we lucked out in the neighbor department.  A few weeks ago she gave us a copy of her house key and I've been meaning to get her one of ours as well. After bringing us a delicious homemade dinner, I thought it was about time we handed it over. Enter in the "Luckey Neighbor Printable."

I printed mine directly onto a sheet of grey cardstock then affixed it to the front of an envelope. That way the key could be stowed safely inside with copies of our contact info and a thank you note.

Mind you, the printable doesn't only have to be used as a way to hand over your house key to someone. You could make it into a Thank You card. It could be resized for little labels at the holidays. Or maybe you're just going on vacation and your neighbor is looking over your house.

Download your copy here.

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  1. That is one sweet printable and I love your color choice - thanks for sharing! I'm so happy that you like my washi tape mood board and I'm following back with all my heart!


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