Thursday, September 13, 2012


So you may have noticed a bit of a lull from me for the past few days and for that I apologize. It's been a busy week... what with a sick Mr., the stress at work, this whole eating healthy thing, and getting things done around the house on the minimal hours I have to myself. I'm lucky to even keep my head above the water each and every day. This weekend will definitely provide some time to unwind and get caught up on the many things I have floating around my head {and Pinterest!}. I figure that I'm much more likely to get at least some of the things done if I publicize my goals.

This weekend:

  • Anniversary gift for the Mr.
  • Treats for the pupper dog 
  • A camera bag
  • A new camera strap
  • Morse Code necklace
  • Girls' Night treat
  • PB Inspired candy dish

Before the end of September:

  • A bed for Quinn, and Aubrey as well
  • Pillow covers for the sofa
  • Tetris coasters for the Mr.'s man cave
  • Monster Mash decor
  • Halloween wreath
  • Wrap Clutch
  • Flea market makeovers
  • Skeleton Leaves
  • Geographic coordinates wall art

Before Halloween:

  • Curtains for the living room
  • Start on DIY Christmas presents for coworkers, family and friends
  • Little pumpkin cupcakes
  • A cover for Quinn's crate
  • Pumpkin Pie drinks
  • Create business cards for the blog
  • Order Christmas cards


  • Kitchen cabinet makeover
  • Recipe art
  • Felted gloves
  • Ruffled tree skirt
  • Pine Cone elves

Are you like me? Do you have a bajillion things you want to do but no motivation/time to get any of it done? The worst part about this is these are things that I WANT to do, not even the things I NEED to do. Don't even get me started on the stuff that needs to get done haha. Please hold me accountable to this list though. Pretty please?! Thanks a bunch! I heart you!

Keep posted because I hope to get tutorials or recipes up for most of the things that get accomplished. As always, I'll throw in a couple of printables here and there as well. Thanks for being you!


  1. Wow, that's all I can say looking at your to do list! I can't imagine getting it all done, but I'm really looking forward to all those cool tutorials! Can't wait to see the morse code necklace and the clutch! =)

  2. You're so cool. Thank you for all you blog when you have such a busy home life.
    I've seen a morse code necklace and they are a great idea...glad you brought it up.
    I think I'm going to try and make lists the way you did because it should kick my butt a little when I keep looking at it.
    Have a great weekend...and I have no doubt you Will accomplish what you've set out to do on your lists. :) hugs

  3. Wow, girl!

    I think it would take me ten years to make it through your list at the rate I work at. Haha.

    Although my list probably just about as long. I hope you tackle lots on your list!



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xo Jess

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