Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shorts to Skirt Refashion

(Please don't judge me for the blurry pictures. It was late and my fancy-shmancy camera was charging so I had to use my phone instead.)

So remember when I mentioned that I had tons that I wanted to do and even more that I needed to do? Yeah, well, this little refashion was one of the latter. Even so, it's nice to have something crossed off of the list.

You see, my WBFF asked if I wouldn't mind fixing a pair of shorts that her mom accidentally bought. I say accidentally because if you took only a quick glance, you'd be positive that it was a loose skirt. Unfortunately for her, it was not and she was not happy with the idea of wearing a pair of frumpy shorts to a lively nighttime party next weekend.

See said shorts below:

Luckily for me this was a really simple makeover because (a) the shape and fabric are extremely forgiving and (b) the color hides any stitching imperfections. If you have a similar pair from the clearance rack at Ross (or the early 1990s), then see how to change them up in less than 30 minutes.

1. Cut out the crotch seam. Is crotch seam even a real thing? I'm sure you know what I mean if it isnt. There is no point in using a seam ripper because most of the fabric in this area will be sliced off later.

2. Using a dressmaker's pencil and ruler, draw a straight line down the center from right before the inseam starts to curve into the crotch seam all the way down to the hem. Pin the two layers together.

3. Sew a reinforced straight stitch down the drawn line. Trim the scraps off with about a 1/2 inch allowance and zigzag stitch over the cut edge to prevent fraying.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 on the reverse side. You will end up with a finished product where the center seams are almost unrecognizable.

I thought I would throw on a little fascinator for interest and voila. You're done.


  1. I guess you saved her weekend! Good job with the fascinator, too! =)

  2. Awesome! Jess. A Quick job that turned out fab. I mean I wouldn't be wearing a mini at my age lol...but I think that would look sharp on a young stylin chickie. :) Keep up the great work and again I have to say....where the heck do you find the time?...Where ever you get all the energy...I'm glad you do and would mind if you shared that secret. lol


Feel free to share your thoughts or questions. You make my day!

xo Jess

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