Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Homemade Chai Tea Latte

Have you ever had chai tea before? It's rich, spicy, exotic and a little sweet all at once. I wanted to share a recipe for homemade chai spice mix with all of you so you could make the best cup ever. Well, that was until I went to the grocer and saw just how much you'd have to spend on the individual ingredients. At that point it just didn't seem practical anymore. Then it hit me, why not share a penny pinching recipe instead? 

You too can whip together a steamy cup of chai tea just like your local Starbucks barista but at a fragment, a very small fragment, of the price. 

Surviving Frankenstorm would not have been possible without several servings of this frothy cup of goodness. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you know that I selfishly used our last bit of milk on this... I don't even feel guilty though because it was so worth it!

Almond Milk (it's so much richer and creamier than plain old milk)
Chai Tea Concentrate (for $4.95 you can't beat Starbucks' Tazo Blend)

1. Combine 6oz of almond milk and 6oz of chai tea concentrate in a small saucepan
2. Heat over medium heat just until boiling
3. Reduce heat and continue simmering until the mixture is frothy
4. Pour tea into your favorite mug, sit on a comfy chair, pull on a fluffy throw and enjoy
(optional) Can also be served over milk ice cubes for a chilled, spiced tea. YUM

If you haven't tried Chai before, go for it! It may not be to everyone's taste but for less than five bucks, what do you have to lose? 

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  1. Chai is my ultimate favorite. This looks delicious. There's good pumpkin chai drink mix at Trader Joes now that's pretty awesome.

    I'm giving away a handmade wristlet today if you're interested!

  2. Sounds about right for that kind of weather! And Starbucks is seriously overpriced - the prices in Germany are even worse. Hope the fact that you posted means that the storm didn't cause any damage near you!

  3. oh i should try this!
    i've tried to make tarik tea but i always feel something's not right. thanks for the recipe :)

  4. I love Chai, and don't drink it as often as I should. I would love if you would share at Fall Into the Holidays-


    Katie @ Horrific Knits


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