Sunday, October 21, 2012

Honey Boo Boo Costume

I'm sorry for being absent this week. Sometimes, life just gets away from you and you have to spend a few days playing catch up. While I was MIA, I also moonlighted as the one and only Honey Boo Boo at the annual Halloween party (aka Liquor Treat) on Friday night. 

Like my costume?
We kinda slacked this year and didn't decide on our costumes until an hour or so before we had to leave. Unfortunately, he didn't let me dress him up as Sugar Bear like I had wanted haha. 

You too can make your own costume for Honey Boo Boo or any other Toddlers and Tiaras pageant princess!
Super easy, last-minute Honey Boo Boo costume 
  • Tutu - or tulle and elastic to make one yourself
  • Girl's tshirt or something childish and sparkly (most ladies could easily fit into a girl's Large or XL)
  • Crown
  • White Ribbon (1.5 yards) for a sash
  • Girly pin
  • Girls' white ruffled socks
  • White Mary Jane shoes
1. Make your tutu in the exact same fashion that I made Quinn's here. I'm not here trying to sex up Honey Boo Boo so I made my tutu pretty modest but do as you will. I bought 10 yards of tulle (five yards of light pink and 5 yards of bright pink). To make mine the length I did, I cut the fabric into 1ft  strips down the length of the yardage (just fold it a few times to make it easier). Then, I cut those strips down to two feet each.
2. Cut off the neckline of the tshirt because it's probably going to be a bit snug around your head. This will give it an 80s off the shoulder look.
3. Write whatever you want on one half of the ribbon. This could say "Little Miss USA," "Ultimate Grand Supreme," etc. Fold it in half and pin it at the bottom to create a sash.
4. Assemble your ensemble. For modesty's sake, I wore a pink cami under the tee and a pink skirt under the tutu. I didn't have the time to tease the heck out of my hair or to curl it a la Shirley Temple so I threw it up in a messy up do with the tiara. 
5. Last but not least, don't forget your over the top make-up! I put on excessive foundation, hot pink lipstick, big ole eyelashes, and lavender eye shadow.
(sorry, used my phone)

A look at years past:
2011 - Mario & Princess Peach

2010 - Greek Goddess & Zombie

2009 - Police Officer (the Mr. was Cheech that year)

2008 - No costume as the Phillies won the World Series and we were in the city for the parade!

2007 - Tooth Fairy (this was a month before I met the Mr.)

Anywho, I'm back for good. I promise! We cancelled our trip for next week, so I'm going to rest and rehabilitate for a couple of days. What this means for you is that while I'm still hobbling around more than I would like, I'll be able to devote some real time to bloggy endeavors. I already have some ideas cooking up (and one that is literally cooking right now). Stay tuned!

If you liked this project, there are plenty of other simple tutorials and mouth-watering recipes for you to discover! Also, did you know Spool and Spoon has a Facebook? Hop on over so you don't miss any of the fun. 

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  1. This is too funny and SO very cute! Love it all! I hope you will share this on The CSI Project this week starting Wednesday night. The challenge is DIY Halloween Costumes. Come on over! You just might win!!!


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