Thursday, October 25, 2012

Scarves: The Ultimate Fall Accessory

My favorite accessory, especially when the temperatures drop, is definitely a scarf. I wear one almost everyday, no lie! Maybe yesterday's infinity scarf tutorial hinted at that. Scarves can work with every outfit in your closet and you'll always look fabulous.
Those are just a few of my favorites that I've collected over the years. A girl can never have too many shoes, diamonds, or scarves. Just sayin'.

Wearing a scarf gives me the reassurance I need to make me feel finished and fashionable. I love walking into a room with the confidence that I look pretty. After all, who wouldn't want that? As outgoing as I might seem on here, I'm actually quite shy in person. When I know I'm going to a networking event or somewhere that I may end up with people I don't know, I always wear an interesting accessory... usually a brightly colored scarf or one from an exotic place. It gives someone an opportunity to comment and becomes a conversation starter between the two of us.

Scarves are also the most universally flattering accessory in your closet. Honestly, have you ever looked at someone and said "wow, that scarf really makes her look fat?" Probably not. The best part, is that they go with just about any outfit you can put together and always add the right touch.

Have a plain tshirt and skinny jeans? Well throw on a fun scarf and you're done.
Find these items here

What about going for a simple monochromatic look? Add on a coordinating scarf and you're good to go.
Find these items here

Got a gorgeous dress but feeling a little exposed? Wrap on a fancy yet understated scarf and you may just be the belle of the ball.
Find these items here

Or maybe you're just cold and want to bundle up? Throw on a few layers and you'll be as warm as a cookie right out of the oven. Mmm, cookies.
Find these items here

Why Wear a Scarf?
  • Brightens: Adds an interestng burst of color to an otherwise drab outfit
  • Warms: Keeps the heat in without adding bulk
  • Flatters: Distracts from any imperfections by adding a VERTICAL line to your ensemble
  • Defines: Can become your staple and complete your mainstay look
And don't forget, scarves don't just have to be scarves. You can wear one as a head wrap, belt, shrug, etc. Seriously, Google "ways to wear a scarf" and you will get a ton of awesome ideas. If scarves aren't the most convertible accessory out there, I'm not sure what is. 

Are scarves your secret weapon as well? Or maybe you have another special piece in your closet that makes you glow? Tell me, tell me, tell me!
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  1. I'm definitely not a scarf girl, even though I wish I were. Maybe it's just that my neck is my best feature ;-)

  2. Hi Jess! I saw your washi tape suncatchers featured at I Heart Nap Time today and just wanted to pop over and say hello. Your blog is awesome and I love your tutorials. I'm your newest follower!


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