Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tutorial: Doggie Tutu and Puffy Bow

Once upon a time we welcomed our second "child," Quinn, into our lives. She's adorable and easygoing so I was looking forward to getting her into a Halloween costume this year. Even the neighborhood kids have expressed interest in Quinn getting dressed up... bwahaha.  I thought a simple tutu and Halloween bow would be perfect without being too over the top.

Black elastic band, length depends on your dog's girth
Halloween-themed fabric, fat quarter
Tulle, Black: 7yds by 6in, Colored: 7ft by 6in each
Sewing machine and tools

Measure around your dog's waist and make a loop that is 1/2 inch smaller. Using a zig zag stitch, stitch it closed. 

Next, grab your first color of tulle. Cut off about 12 inches and pinch it in the center.

Lay the tulle underneath of the elastic with the loop at the very top.

Pull the tail of the tulle through the loop until it's tight.

Keep on pinching, looping and pulling until you get around the whole thing.

At that point, you will be done with the tutu! Time to celebrate, but not for too long because you have to move on to part two: the Puffy Bow.
download the PDF pattern here
1. Cut out shapes from pattern with about 1/4 inch seam allowance. 2. Match the pieces, right sides together, and sew around the perimeter with a small opening on each. 3. Use a chopstick to flip each piece right side out. 4. Stuff the main portion of the bow and create a loop with the rectangular piece. 5. Attach the tail ends of the bow with a bit of thread. 6. Pull half of the bow (tail included) through the loop. 

When you're ready for your pup to sport this adorable bow, just insert a ribbon, sequined elastic, collar, etc., through the backside of the center loop. You could also sew this directly onto the tutu and wear it yourself instead :-p

This is the only still shot I could get with Quinn wearing the full ensemble and isn't she precious?

I learned that it's beyond difficult to get an energetic dog to sit still long enough for a lens to focus.
These are all of the outtakes! 

As much as she gets on my nerves sometimes, I love her to pieces. I was afraid she'd bite at it or act annoyed, but instead, she walked around like she was the prettiest princess at the ball. It made my heart sing. If only I could get my little Aubergine into kitty klothes... as if! 

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  1. Tooooo awesome! =) Coca would be nuts wearing that, probably thinking she is being chased by the tutu!
    Quinn is such a heart-breaker, she's adorable! She really photographs well! =)

  2. That is too cute. I don't usually think it's cool dressing up animals because most of them don't look too happy. :(

    But...I must say your dog acts like there is nothing different from every other day...too cute and it seemed simple enough as to not bother the dog or get in the way..

    I am a die hard animal lover and it's so nice to see that you have a cute dog in your family....I do love all animals but I love love love dogs. :)

    Saw this blog posting after I sent you an email regarding the camera bag.

    As usual Jess...keep up the great work.

  3. this is an awesome idea! We have an enormous dog (she's a 9 month old Irish wolfhound) and they dont make costumes big enough for her! :( so this might be a great solution! Thanks!

    New follow too!

    <3 Bethany

  4. Thanks - loved the project. Would like to see more like this especially easy sewing projects. Thanks again!


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