Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tutorial: Washi Tape Suncatchers

I really must have an obsession with craft supplies. It's not bad enough that I'm a regular at A.C. Moore, Michael's, AND Jo-Ann Fabrics but then I go and get snagged by Pick Your Plum and The Plaid Barn. Golly... well, at least I know where my money is spent haha.

One of the more recent craft product sensations has been washi tape. I like Down Town Tape because it's probably the best selection and price around (and no, they didn't pay me to say that.) Way back when, I made a washi tape bunting with a couple of my favorites. My stash has grown quite a bit since then so I decided to whip up something sunny to turn around the grey days we've been having around here.

Glass ornaments
Assorted rolls of washi tape
Fishing line
Rotary cutter & cutting mat
Xacto knife
Chop stick, knitting needle, etc. (something long and thin... and NO that is not what she said haha)
Glass beads (optional)

1. Start by sticking on your first piece of washi tape in any direction you'd like
2. Trim the overhang with your rotary cutter
3. Apply the next piece of tape, being very careful not to overlap
4. Continue applying the tape until you feel that you are finished; the entire ornament does not need to be covered but you can if you want. Anything goes!
5. At the opening where the hole is, use your xacto knife to cut a bit away. It'll be practically impossible to cut the hole perfectly without tearing the tape so don't even try.
6. Push the chop stick through and twist it around a bit to open the hole completely.
7. Loop a bit of fishing line through the hole.
8. If you feel so inclined, thread on a couple of glass beads. 
9. Knot it and you're done.

 Aren't they just dreamy?
And please don't judge the dirty windows. In my defense, it's on the outside AND on the second floor.

The sun came out for a split second to really illuminate these babies and they just made my day. I could only imagine how pretty these would be filling a window in a nursery or the bathroom.

And there's that grey darkness once again. Boo!

And that's the gorgeous green view I have from my office. I am so looking forward to when all of the leaves begin to change and it better not happen while I'm away on vacation. Do you hear that, Mother Nature?

I used pretty pastels to transform these $1 ornaments into suncatchers, but imagine how darling holiday themed washi tape would look on these as actual ornaments? I might just have to make a couple as gifts / present toppers. What do you think?

Have you jumped in with the masses in regards to washi tape? What crafting medium / material / product do you just HAVE to have? 

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  1. Cute! These would also look fantastical on a modern christmas tree! =)

  2. these are cuter than cuteness! love them! can i ask where you got the glass ornaments? so sweet, thanks for sharing ♥

    1. A.C. Moore of all places! I saw some at the dollar store just last week though :)

  3. Wow! Amazing! I may use these as To/From Christmas tags.


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