Thursday, November 1, 2012

Día de los Muertos

You may have thought that Halloween was over and you'd be right but today is yet another "morbid" holiday: Día de los Muertos!

As creepy as it might seem with all of the skeletons and what not, it's actually a very special time of year. The day is dedicated to memorializing, remembering, and including the special people in our lives who have passed. Throughout Mexico you'll find altars of all sizes complete with photos, skulls, flowers, art, and gifts to the dead.

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Much to the Mr.'s dismay, I wanted to go for Día de los Muertos theme for Halloween this year. I guess Hurricane Sandy was on his side because we couldn't decorate anywhere near as lavishly as I had wanted. He and I did get to make some sugar skull window clings last minute and I absolutely love them. I did make a sugar skull jack-o-lantern with my super sweet Williams-Sonoma carving kit. 

Here are the projects that I would have liked to do if I only had the time (and two good feet to get me from point A to point B). At least there is always next year!

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And finally, after finishing all of those projects, I'm sure I would have worked up an appetite for some Pan de Muerto

At least there is always next year! Enjoy every moment of today, and in honor of Día de los Muertos, spend a few minutes remembering those who can only be with us in spirit.
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  1. What a creepy-cute celebration! Here in Germany All Hallows is kind of serious and old-fashioned, but in fact, it is the same kind of holiday! Love that banner! =)


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