Monday, November 19, 2012

Insta Replay Monday #9

Monday means it's Insta Replay again! 

Does it make me childish that I'm kinda super stoked that it's a holiday week? Only 4 work days instead of 5! I'm incredibly envious of anyone who has a shorter week so please don't share if you're expected to report only 2-3 days... my heart just won't be able to bear it haha. I fret but this past week must not have been too bad because I don't remember a single negative thing. (Isn't it crazy how each day can feel like a battle and then when it's all over, it's just that... over.) 

There were a lot of wonderful moments this week though. We went to our Friendsgiving dinner with some of our closest friends. I had the first taste of pumpkin pie for the year and it was amazing. I went to a Stampin Up crafting party. I watched the Sister Wives marathon (guilty pleasure!). We had egg nog AND coquito! We found Quinn a cute sweatshirt... and a Christmas collar & antlers (yes, we're those people)! Aubrey and Quinn are finally starting to "interact." I managed to take a ton of Instagram photos this week so take a look:

Thanks for following along -- if you want to see these pictures firsthand, find me on Instagram @Spool_and_spoon because I want to follow you too!


  1. Is Quinn waiting to kill the cat? Or is it more of a warm welcome there? ;-)

    Quinny's coat is so cute! I really have to post a tutorial for the coat I made for Coca - you will probably like it! =)

  2. Jess you are so pretty! Why don't you include more pictures of yourself???


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xo Jess

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