Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vintage Button Ornament Tutorial

Today is the 11th day of The 25 Projects of Christmas: a Vintage Button Ornament. Earlier this week I used a few of my grandma's vintage buttons to make a garland for the tree and today I'll be using a few more. No need to use vintage buttons if you don't have jars of them sitting around though; brand new buttons will work just fine haha. 

I like it. I like it a lot actually. Read on for instructions on how to make it for yourself!

1 16" piece of fabric covered floral wire
Chain nose pliers
Heavy-duty thread
Assorted buttons
1. Start with an 18" piece of fabric covered floral wire
2. Bend the wire with 11 equal sections (a little over 1.5" each)
3. Using your chain nose pliers. Flatten the rounded areas on one side into sharp points
4. Slowly pull the wire until the bends are slightly loosened

5. Start bending the wire into a star shape. The "sharp" point should be one of the outer points on the star.
6. Continue bending the star one point at a time.
7. Once you've reached the end, use the extra tail piece (side #11) to twist around the start of the star
8. Use the same method to create tons of stars in different sizes

9. Gather some heavy duty thread. I prefer button/carpet thread for this.
10. Knot the thread and loop it around the wire form as shown above. This is why you want a fabric covered wire -- to provide some traction.
11. Thread buttons one at a time and double secure each to the wire.
12. Continue threading buttons around the wire form. Be sure to keep the thread TIGHT or else the buttons will start to flip around.

13. & 14. Keep on keeping on with threading the buttons
15. Knot the thread ends at the back
16. And you're done. You can hang it on your tree like this or attach an ornament hook!

Despite intending to use this as an ornament, I'm thinking no. Seriously, this took a really flipping long time. SHEESH! It seems a bit too special to be lost on our tree so check back tomorrow to see where I made a home for it.

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  1. So cool! Now this is a project I can totally get on board with. I will probably raid the drawer that is full of all the extra shirt buttons that I collected over the years. Was it hard to get the buttons to stay in place (i.e. facing the front)? =) Soooo pretty!


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