Sunday, November 11, 2012

Washi Tape Luminary

I'm apologizing ahead of time... If you're anything like the Mr. with his "one holiday at a time" ideal, you won't be getting that from me this year. I am like 99.9% dedicated to Christmas at this point.  We aren't hosting Thanksgiving so I'm all about getting prepared for my favorite time of year. It's only the second week of November and we're already onto the third part of The 25 Projects of Christmas!

Number three is a Washi Tape Luminary.

Not only is this a festive decoration, it would be a simple DIY gift (and not necessarily in holiday colors in that case).

Glass Ivy Bowl
Washi Tape
Xacto knife / rotary cutter
Optional: holly, 18" of twine, epsom salt

1. Clean your ivy bowl and dry it completely or else the washi tape won't adhere properly. Can you believe that I picked mine up for 79 cents at AC Moore?!
2. Apply first piece of tape vertically and cut it cleanly at the bottom of the bowl with your cutter
3. Carefully apply the second piece in the same fashion
4. Continue adding pieces of washi tape in equal increments around the bowl
5. Leave it as is for use as is or spray with two coats of a clear lacquer
6. Once dry, attach a sprig of holly by tying it on with twine
7. Fill about a third of the way up with epsom salts (looks just like snow!) and plop in a tea light candle. 

I told you it was simple! I think this would look just right nestled between the pieces you trim off off of your tree or in a simple little vignette on your powder room vanity.

The classic Christmas colors get me every time but this could be made to suit any holiday decor -- red and green, silver and gold, jewel tones, and even silver and blue for Hanukkah. Speaking of which, what colors do you primarily decorate in for the holidays?

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  1. My colors are definitely whites, silvers, and blues. I love the polka dots - you can never go wrong with them! If you spray it with lacquer, does the washi tape come off again when Christmas is over?

    I'm all with you with starting Christmas early. Maybe not in September (as some German stores), but still. The good thing is that in Germany we don't have Thanksgiving or any holiday in between, so I can start whenever I want to =)


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