Friday, December 7, 2012

Color Block Circle Scarf Tutorial

I meant to do this post yesterday, but I'm a procrastinator. If you're anything like me, you have big plans for homemade gifts this Christmas but have barely started. Whoopsie. The fourteenth project of The 25 Projects of Christmas is the perfect gift for the trendy lady in your life: a color blocked circle scarf. Color block, color blocked... Honestly, I'm not sure which one it is so I'll use them interchangeably haha. You may remember seeing it pictured in the gift I made for my handmade gift exchange partner. It's also kind of a double dose of scarves today because I shared my 30-minute crocheted infinity scarf at Kristina J.; check it out!

Would you guess that this was made out of two $2 t-shirts? Thrifty and cute, what's not to like? Let's get started!
2 XS seamless cotton t-shirts, different colors 
Coordinating thread
Sewing essentials (needle AND machine, scissors, etc)


1. Cut off the bottom half of the shirt - fold the bottom hem up to the armpits and cut straight across.

2. Do this to both shirts. Don't worry about removing the hemmed edges.

3. Cut the t-shirt loop with shears straight down one side so it is now just a long strip of fabric.

4. Place the right sides together and pin straight down each side.

5. Sew a straight line on each of the long sides with about 1/2 in seam allowance. Leave the short ends open.

6. Now, flip it right side out.You should end up with one long tube. To add some dimension in the finished product, I suggest twisting it once as shown below.

7. Now, pinch the end seams, right side together. You will want the colors/seam to match up perfectly. Run through your sewing machine and stitch for as long as you can until there is not enough room to fit the stitches.

8. At that point, you'll end up with a small opening as shown below. To close this up with an invisible steam, use a basic slip stitch.

And now you're done! I like that it's "reversible" and visually interesting. 

This is the kind of present you can make for all the girls in your life: your bffs, your daughters, the babysitter, your sister, your mom, even your great grandma. It can be dressed up with sequins, an applique or an iron on. Use her favorite shades, school colors, fun patterns, etc. After the holidays, I'm planning to make one for me in neutral shades to pair with my flamboyant magenta dress coat. Another good aspect of this scarf is that it's cotton; you can wear this in any climate or season!
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  1. It must be green and blue color block Friday! Haha! Love how this turned out especially that it's reversible for two looks :)

  2. Love this! I'll have to try it out one day.

  3. Absolutely agree with you! Circle scarf is the kind and perfect present you can make for all the girls in your life. It is the best accessories all the girls have and the boys as well. ;)


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