Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gummy Bear Holiday Favors

Need a last minute treat for the kids' holiday festivities at school? These little snack packs are the perfect way to dress up everyone's favorite candy all while wishing their friends a very merry Christmas. Number twenty-two of The 25 Projects of Christmas are Gummy Bear Christmas Favor packs. 

All you need are my printable tags, some clear pillow boxes, and green/red gummy bears. How's that for easy? You could even put the gummy bears in some snack sized ziploc bags if you only have those on hand.
Gather your boxes and stuff 'em to the brim with gummy bears. My grocery store had the red and green variety in the bulk food bins for $2.99/lb. I've found that one pound filled eight boxes for me. Next, print out the tags; with the "wallet size" setting you can fit nine tags per page.

Clip them out and use double-sided tape to attach to your treat boxes or baggies. Adorn the boxes with bakers twine, ribbon, glitter, etc. and you're done!

I love getting small stuff like this out of the way (even if I'm super behind). Obviously, we don't have kids but we'll be giving these out to the neighborhood kids, some coworkers, and the little ones that come to our Christmas party this weekend. 

Do you have any last minute things to get done in the next couple of days? I sure do... so I better get back to it! 

Ohhh and on a completely unrelated note, the Mr. and I have been together "officially" for the five years today <3 How time flies when you're having fun!
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  1. Gummibears are everyone's favorites, so the grown-ups will love them, too! Very cute idea! You should snatch some photos of the kids when they get the candy! =)

  2. Love this! Thanks for sharing!


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