Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Handmade Gift Exchange - What I Gave

You might remember that I was super duper excited to participate in Craftaholics Anonymous' Handmade Gift Exchange - Holiday edition. I still haven't gotten my gift, but mine was sent on it's way last Tuesday. Names had been drawn a couple of weeks ago and and we were tasked with creating a gift for our secret someone. I was assigned Gina B. of Florida. 


Well, I don't know Gina B. of Florida. Gina B. of Florida was a very elusive creature in my book. I decided just to wing it. I figured since she was doing this exchange, she must be like me in some way or another so I made gifts that I would have liked to receive: a simple but pretty tote, a necklace, washi tape bookmarks, and a jersey circle scarf.

After finishing the first three presents, I happened to get a response from one of my anonymous questions... Yippee! Well, that excitement was short-lived. Turns out that that her favorite color happened to be green. There's nothing wrong with that except the fact that nothing at this point had been the right color. I put my original fabrics away and went back to the drawing board for the scarf. I opted for a navy and green color combo used 100% cotton jersey since it would be perfect for the Florida weather. 
I would have kept all of those things for me but I can't be a Grinch. I hope Gina likes them though. I'm eagerly awaiting my own gift but I'm sure I'll love whatever it happens to be. 

By the way, check back soon as I'll be sharing a tutorial for how to create your very own color-blocked circle scarf to gift! 


  1. Hi Jess,

    Your gifts are beautiful and creative....Gina B. from Florida will love them. I love the knitted 'g' on her bag...awesome idea to incorporate green. :)

    "Handmade Gift Exchange" sounds wonderful and I wish I had seen that....would have loved to exchange gifts with a total stranger...sounds mysterious and fun.

    Hope you will post your gift when you receive it/them.:)

    Jess..I'd like to wish you and your beautiful family (of course that includes your doggie) the bestest of Christmas and a Joyous, healthy New Year. hugs x

  2. I have to agree with Laura: I'm sure she will love them - who wouldn't? Very pretty gifts! What did the necklace look like? Was it one that you have already shown on your blog? xo

  3. OMGosh I love those gifts! Gina B will love them... if not, she can send them to me! ;)

  4. They all look great. How did you make the crochet tote? Would you please post directions?

  5. Love the tote! I agree, a tutorial would be wonderful! All the gifts were beautiful. :)


Feel free to share your thoughts or questions. You make my day!

xo Jess

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