Monday, December 3, 2012

Insta Replay Monday #11

Pardon me while I mope a little bit. The Mr. is away on business all week so I'm bummed. We haven't spent more than one night away from one another in nearly three years. Is that weird? I guess I'm looking forward to eating all of the stuff that he doesn't like: broccoli, couscous, curried peppers and onions, and brussel sprouts. Yep, all that healthy stuff that he pouts about haha.

Anywho. We had a pretty nice week and I am pumped for December. Some highlights:
  • I finally ordered our Christmas cards
  • We had the first snow of the season!
  • I am one gift away from wrapping up my shopping for the Mr. 
  • I met a blogger in real life for the first time! - Megan from A Girl and Her Hound
  • The Mr. and I babysat our three favorite kids together. The practice is good for him haha
  • I went to my very first photography workshop and it was practically life-changing
  • And last, but definitely not least, we celebrated my bestie's birthday with fondue. YUM!

So, what was the highlight of your week? Tell me all about it :)

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  1. Ha ha, I guess you are the only person in the world who gets excited about eating brocoli! When my husband is out of town, there's frozen pizza for me ;-)

    I'm thinking about getting a better camera, too. The only thing that bothers me is learning all of the new functions and programs - I'm not sure if there is any more space available in my head.

    First snow high five! =)


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