Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pinecone Curtain Ties

Earlier this year I transformed our window treatments with huge poppy curtain ties. They made such a positive impact on the room but it was about time to switch things up a bit. My original inspiration came when I saw this wreath alternative here. I fell in lust but since I already made my Star of Bethlehem wreath, I scrapped that idea and went inside with the pinecones instead.  That's when I decided on number seventeen of The 25 Projects of Christmas: Pinecone Curtain Ties. These will surely delight throughout the rest of the season. 

While the Mr. is super nice about letting me have free reign when decorating the house, I try not to press my luck. "Pretty" things just aren't his style. While I'd say that these curtain ties are definitely on the pretty side, he doesn't seem to mind. Yay me! Read on for how to make your own!

MATERIALS: (per curtain tie)
2 and 1/2 feet jute cording
2 pinecones
2 18" lengths of satin ribbon
hot glue gun and hot glue

1. Squirt a dollop of hot glue on the base of the pinecone; attach the cord and let harden.
2. Repeat with the other end of the cording on the second pinecone.

3. Create a bow and bevel the ribbon tails. (I like to make a bow using the "bunny ears" method, but if you're stronger at tying a bow around the cord, that works too.)
4. Hot glue the bow to the spot where the cording is glued to the pinecone
5. Repeat on the second pinecone and you're done!

It's so simple to affix the finished curtain tie around your drapes: fold the cording in half, wrap it around the curtains, and pull the pinecones through the loop until they dangle and it's pulled tight.

Aren't they lovely? I made a set to go on each of the windows in the living room. They've already made such a difference. If I ever get around to switching those white linen curtains out for white burlap, I think they'll look even better!

It's insane how even the littlest details can transform your house into a winter wonderland, isn't it?

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  1. OMG This is adoooorable!! And so so simple, I LOVE it! Now, if Panama only had pinecones :( . I could always order some though!

  2. I absolutely love these! They look perfect for Christmas decor, just so so pretty with your drapes too.
    Debbie :)

  3. What a great idea - you take that inspiration piece and turn it into something completely new and awesome. That's what really great creative minds do!
    And I don't think that they are too "pretty" for a house with a man in it! (Btw, I am having the same kind of conversations with mine...) They are kind of rustic, so you could imagine a guy in a flannel shirt sitting there, too! ;-) I wouldn't press my luck and add some pink ribbons - ha ha!

  4. I think I just love your style because I want to copy this for my own home. :)


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