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Twas the Night Before Christmas Photo Mat

'Twas the Night Before Christmas was always my favorite Christmas story. When I was in kindergarten, we performed it for our parents and grandparents and ever since then, I've memorized every single line. Yep. Every. Single. Line. Quiz me, I dare you. Whenever I forgot the reindeer names, I'd go back and recite the poem instead (how crazy is that?). With Christmas only 6 days away, we are on the home stretch of The 25 Projects of Christmas. Number twenty-one is a festive way to frame your photographs -- a 'Twas the Night Before Christmas Photo Mat

It's the perfect accompaniment to my favorite holiday picture of the Mr. and I. I think this would look adorable framing your babies on Christmas morning or sleeping on Christmas eve. Read on for how to make one for yourself!

I originally wanted to hand write the poem on a spare photo mat that I already had, but my handwriting is not that uniform and I'm pretty sure I'd screw something up. Instead, I did what I like most -- a printable. It will fit perfectly in a standard 8x10 frame and will showcase your favorite 4x6 photo. 

I wasn't sure which font I liked more so I made a couple different versions. You can download all of them here: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 . I used version 2 for mine.

a 4x6 picture
a 8x10 picture frame
Twas the Night printable (on an 8.5x11" piece of paper)
cutting mat
xacto knife
optional: bone folder

1. Print out the poem on your printer. 

2. Flip it over. Lay an existing mat or the glass from the frame in the center of the page and trace over it.

3. Cut it out. I know that it's probably straightforward but just wanted to point it out. Haha :)

4. From one corner of the inside rectangle to the opposite corner, use a ruler and xacto knife to cut a line.

5. Repeat on the other corners as well. You will end up with an X like this.

6. Use a bone folder to crease the sides and fold them back. You could just cut them off instead, but I like the dimension of them folded to the back.

7. Trim the flaps and use a small piece of tape to hold them back.

8. Attach your photo to the reverse side and slip into the frame.

Doesn't it look perfect? We'll see if any of our Christmas party guests take a moment to see what it says. Even if they don't, my favorite picture will be framed by my favorite Christmas tale. 

I made the printable in MS Word and it only took a bit of figuring out. You could easily do this with your favorite song lyrics, your wedding vows, a collection of random words, etc. I'm totally digging it though. 
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  1. I love your way of getting really neat edges - cutting an X and then folding the parts? Genius! I always go crazy when I try to have really straight lines, so from now on I will only use your way.

    Is it okay to say that I have never really read the story (except for the opening lines, that is)? I guess I gotta download and read now!


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