Saturday, December 15, 2012

Winter Wonderland Printable

I needed, yes needed, a winter wonderland printable for my office at work. Rather than search one out that had the colors and what not that I needed, I made one. Hopefully it'll be just what you wanted for project number eighteen of The 25 Projects of Christmas

You might be reading that and saying, "Jess... It goes Walkin' in a winter wonderland, not working." Yeah, yeah. I know. I told you I needed something specific. I did make other versions though so feel free to grab one of those.

Workin' in a Winter Wonderland - perfect for work or your home office

Or maybe you want something for your kitchen while you bake 100 dozen cookies - Cooking in a Winter Wonderland

Perhaps you'd rather have a special little sign in your craft nook? - Crafting in a Winter Wonderland

Or maybe you just want to stick with the original -- Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

Anywho, I'm pretty psyched about our holiday decorating contest. I work in a field where there's rarely a need to be creative and I'm not exactly content with that. When little things pop up (be it designing a flyer, drawing up an organizational flow chart, or putting together a PowerPoint), I jump on it. And when awesome, totally spectacular things like our decorating contest rear their beautiful heads, I go all out.

Last year, we did a Halloween contest.This year we voted to decorate for the holidays instead. I thought that a winter wonderland would be the perfect work-friendly theme. I set to work cutting out snowflakes, hanging  icicles and creating snowfall.

Sorry about the cruddy image quality, but I had to use my phone and I'm also the farthest from the windows.

Everyone at work thinks I'm just really competitive and it's not the case. I just like to work in a happy place and what's not happy about a festive work space? Do you get to decorate at work? If you do, definitely grab the Workin' in a Winter Wonderland printable but maybe the others are best suited to your needs right now.
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  1. Cute! People like us who have to go out to the real world before the holidays have to make our workplaces nice! =) To be honest, mine looks like forever, just with more paperwork stacked atop. Maybe I should just accept that this stuff isn't going to magically disappear and put a little tree on top of it! ;-)

  2. Your printables are very cute and I've got this linked to my Winter printable art post too today, thanks!


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