Wednesday, January 30, 2013

5 Fab Finds Under $50 - J.Crew Factory

I'm not a style expert by any means but I am a pretty darn savvy shopper. I get some great deals and thought that it's about time I share! Every couple of weeks, I'll be doing a "Five Fab Finds Under $50" spotlight post to give you some thrifty inspiration. The posts will vary between clothing, housewares, craft goodies (maybe under $5 for that category), etc. Today, I'm highlighting my fave things from our go-to shopping destination: J.Crew Factory.

While the Mr. and I have quite an obsession with J.Crew, our bank account doesn't exactly feel the same way. That's why the outlet is such a style saver! We can get amazing pieces on a tight budget. We're lucky to live super close to a physical outlet, but even if you aren't, guess what?! They have an ONLINE factory store as well. SCORE!

Skirt - Factory Pencil Skirt in Double Serge Cotton - Bohemian Red - $49.50
Pants - Factory Skimmer Pant - Dark Beechwood - $44.50
Tank - Factory Sequin V-neck Tank - Bright Spearmint - $39.50
Blazer - Factory Stripe Knit Pocket Blazer - Dragonfly Blue - $49.50 !!!
And the super deal is that gorgeous pink necklace!
Necklace -  Factory Mini Crystal and Resin-Link Necklace - Neon Azalea - $14.50

Which of those five is your favorite? Do you know of any other outlets that have a web option as well?? Tell me, tell me! (Please?)

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  1. The blazer is really cute! Ive been eyeing those navy knit blazers for quite some time, but still havent bought one.

    German outlet stores usually dont have online shops. Too bad, right? But ther a Hugo Boss outlet not too far away from us :-)


  2. I like the blazer too and would definitely wear the skirt at work. I think the colour combos are gorgeous. I NEVER find anything at factory outlets. Booo!


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