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You might have guessed that this girl really likes printables so when I was approached by the team at MyMemories to try out their scrapbooking software, I kind of squealed with excitement. You see, it's definitely a great digital scrapbooking tool but after checking out their website, I realized that it was capable of so much more. What you ask? Greeting cards. Laptop skins. Photo books. Decorations. Calendars. Decorations. Even printable boxes.

The best part is that you can make your projects as simple or as personalized as you want by simply dropping photos into premade layouts, or designing yours from the ground up. I was overly excited to start creating so I loved that they offered a digital download option. No waiting for shipping and handling? Score! I started by making exactly what you'd expect, scrapbook pages.

I decided to feature our trip to Niagara Falls. All I did, was pick a set that I liked and dropped my pictures into the layout. How flippin' easy is that? I spent all of 15 minutes making these which is miraculous considering that I used to scrapbook religiously and would spend at least an hour on a single page.

But like I said, there is so much more that you can create so I made a Valentine's Day Calendar and Card:

I love my PhotoShop and Illustrator, but MyMemories is so incredibly user-friendly and virtually fool-proof. Seeing as I'm having such a blast learning the ins and outs of it, I wanted to give one of you your own copy of the software, too!

Best of luck! Check back next Sunday (January 27th)  for the winner.

Check out their:

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  1. Sounds like a really cool program! And I'm so jealous of your Niagara Falls trip, I sooo want to go there =)


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