Monday, January 28, 2013

Insta Replay Monday #18

We finally had a weekend that was 100% at home. Oh my gosh by golly, it was the best. weekend. ever. I think that the crazy Friday night snowstorm was motivation enough to just stay in and it was exactly what we needed. We cleaned, we crafted, we drank tons of coffee. My super amazing bff came over and we had a double date on Sunday night (I made smashed potatoes, garlic and brown sugar salmon, and herbed green beans -- yum num num!) Now that it's Monday, take a look at some of the Instagram snapshots from the last week:

my horrible shoe choice
the snowy gate of the oldest unchanged Lutheran church in America
a sneak peak of a project coming your way soon
my newly organized coffee station
Quinn bear being adorable
my craft room mumbo jumbo
oh, and my healthy lunch :)

DIY Camera Strap
5 Fab Finds - A Brand New Series
Personalized V-Day Artwork 

Can't wait to see you back here for some of that action!  Happy Monday, all.

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  1. Ha ha, those shoes are cute, but maybe not quite the choice given the weather ;-) We have replaced snow with oodles of rain... I don't think that proper shoes exist for that kind of weather. Platform boots maybe, ha ha!


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