Wednesday, February 27, 2013

5 Fab Finds - Paper Source

I've been smitten with Paper Source for awhile now. All of the stationery for our wedding was purchased there, it's the home to my favorite wrapping paper assortment, and their catalog always makes my heart skip a beat. If you haven't actually purchased anything, I would highly suggest that you take the plunge. This isn't a sponsored post by any means so it's not like I have some sneaky ulterior motive for saying that, I just actually think they are one of the best shops online. You might think that they only have paper products and while theirs are definitely the best, you'd be wrong!

Today's Five Fab Finds compilation is about the NON-paper goods you can get for none other than you!

  1. No lie; the cutest pin board you ever did see.  -- Vintage Pin Board Frame {$39.95}
  2. After my hedgehog spoon post, you probably realized I have a slight obsession with all things hedgie -- Hedgehog Coin Purse {16.95}
  3. A pen that will last seven whole years, is the prettiest shade of blue, and has a WHALE on it? Yes, please! -- Green Seven Year Pen {$8.95}
  4. The Mr. and I have always toyed with some type of birds on a line artwork and this is kind of epic! -- Birds on a Wire Photo Display {$11.95}
  5. Retro. Birdie. Mason Jar. Lid. 'Nuff said. -- Vintage Bird Mug {$13.95}
Take a look at their site and let me know -- what is YOUR favorite non-paper item??

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  1. Awwww, the hedgehog purse =) What a cute thing! I wasn't quite sure what a seven year pen was (weird as I am I expected something seven year itch-ish, ha ha).


  2. It's the birds....I love them as a decorative feature!


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