Thursday, February 28, 2013

Craft Room Organization - Fabric Storage

If you're anything like me, you have an entirely too large fabric collection. Even though I rarely sew, I can't miss out on pretty fabric. I guess I figure that I'd rather add a random fabric to my collection than start a project and realize that I didn't buy it. Once you start loading up on the fabric, it's about time you get it organized... but how?

I store my fabric in drop-front storage boxes on a shelf in my craft-room closet. This was in no way my idea, the fabulous Chip Cordelli was brilliant and it's been the best fabric storage for my space.

While it's the perfect solution for me, I realize it might not be the most practical or appealing solution for everyone. One quick search on the web will yield tons of results and I promise that you'll be inspired.
Some of my favorites are below! (Before pinning, please click through to the source site; thank you!)

Wire Bin Rack via Caitlin Wilson Designs

Fabric on Pant Hangers via Ish & Chi Designs

Mini Fabric Bolts via The Little Grean Bean

Fabric in Plate Rack via Jamie Diesinger for Design Mom

Folded Fabric in Plastic Drawers via My Fabric Obsession

Simply Stored and on Display via Caitlin Wilson Designs

Folded in a Drawer-less Dresser via Cameras & Chaos

So tell me, how do you keep your fabric organized? 

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  1. I went with the mini bolts

  2. p.s. how cute is your craft space, I LOVE IT!!!

  3. I wish I had a craft space so I could make it look as cute as yours. I use part of my kitchen cupboard. x

  4. What a cute craft space! I knew your office was adorable, but this storage leaves me green with envy! ;-) The little rolling box is just awesome. My fabric lives in an old dresser, but to make its home a bit nicer I bought cute new porcelain knobs for it.


  5. Mine are just folded in a drawer right now, but I love these ideas, especially the pant hangers! And I love your chest with the ribbon storage, awesome! Thanks for sharing.
    Debbie :)

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