Monday, February 4, 2013

Insta Replay Monday #19

Did you pig out yesterday? We watched the game but stayed at home with a bottle of champagne and pint of ice cream each (frozen Greek yogurt, for me!) It was the perfect way to end the weekend considering I had one of the most stressful weeks in awhile. Oh, and we won part of the football pool too so that was nice! I did my best to stay pretty active on Instagram this week so there are a ton of fun images for you to check out today. If you aren't already, you should definitely start following along because I did two "sneak peeks" this week that you missed otherwise. Boohoo!

Highlights from the past week included:
  • Receiving the Save the Date for my bestie's wedding (yes, the one where I'll be Maid of Honor!)
  • Getting back on Weight Watchers
  • Receiving a package full of Martha Stewart goodies from Plaid Crafts
  • (not pictured) The Mr. NEVER has a sweet tooth, and I mean never ever, let alone a craving for ice cream. Still, this weekend he took me out twice for my favorite treat! Yum num num. That was quite possibly the brightest part of the past two days, haha. Wait, do you think he might be pregnant? Tee hee.
  • Oh, and don't you just love the face that I captured Quinn Bear is making?? I was crying laughing so hard when I saw that outtake. 

If you caught it on Facebook last night, you saw that this Thursday will be the first week that I write as a contributor at Sumo's Sweet Stuff. Seeing as I will be doing printables, I thought it was fitting to do only printables this week at Spool and Spoon as well. There are some really cute ones coming this week that you won't want to miss so check back soon!

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  1. I really might have to jump aboard this whole Instagram thing! Good for you that you had a great weekend, you deserved it! (You actually would have deserved some real ice-cream too, if you ask me!) What did you put in your champagne( cherry?)?



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