Monday, February 18, 2013

Insta Replay Monday #21

As always, I'm sad to see that the weekend is already over. I really wish I didn't live for those two days each week but it's my reality. Despite being pretty sick this week, I'm recovering quite nicely and had a lovely couple of days with the Mr.

  • I got a haircut last Monday -- went darker, shorter and got way more bangs
  • While I was still violently ill, I went to the greenhouse to enjoy the humidity and all of the life (This was heaven, considering it hurt like hell to breathe in 20 degree air, oh and everything is dead dead dead outside, too.)
  • The Mr. and I had a date on Saturday at Benihana and boy oh boy, we'll definitely be going back there again. I had never been to a hibachi before and it was awesome (and super delicious, too!) 
  • He's been playing guitar again and that's how we concluded our perfect Saturday night date. It was the best.

I did a few Spring projects on Sunday and can't wait to share them in the next couple of weeks. So, again I ask, how was your weekend?

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  1. Ha ha, that Valentine's Day card is awesome! =) Glad you had a nice weekend anyway, being off sick is definitely no fun.


    PS What is hibachi? Never heard of it before!


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