Monday, February 25, 2013

Insta Replay Monday #22

Monday. Oh woe is me. Haha, just kidding... I guess. Nah! We had a really wonderful week to be quite honest. It seemed to fly by and I'm definitely not complaining. Some of my favorite moments:

Finishing the aisle runner for my brother-in-law and his bride-to-be
Donuts at work (it's the little things, right?)
Flowers delivered at work from the Mr.
Lots of snuggle time with both of our little fur babies
Dinner and drinks at our favorite watering hole
An incredible shopping trip with the Mr. :)
Creating the wedding invites for my bestie's wedding

Check in later this week to see what I have up my sleeve! See you soon :)

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  1. Cute new shoes - and love the flowers, the Mr has excellent taste! =)



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