Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pick Your Plum Grab Box Reveal {Video}

I want to come right out and say it, this is in no means a paid post, it's not even remotely sponsored. I'm just sharing what I received in my latest grab box and expressing my genuine love towards Pick Your Plum. 

Is anyone else out there completely obsessed with Pick Your Plum? It's practically clockwork for me, at 9:00AM Eastern I drop everything I do (shhhh, please don't tell my boss) and jump on PYP to see what kind of deal they have for the day. Sometimes I have enough self control to resist but most of the time I don't (shhh, please don't tell the Mr.!) They sell everything ranging from cardigans to monogrammed cutting boards to pretty cabochons to washi tape and oh so much more. Every once in awhile they offer a super amazing SURPRISE deal with a big ole grab box for a discounted flat rate. The only problem with these is that they sell out super quickly and I somehow miss it each time. I planned ahead last weekend and set my alarm -- I literally jumped out mid-shower to run down to my laptop to place my order. You might think that was crazy... until you see all of the amazing goodies I scored for next to nothing!

I was crazy with anticipation to see what would be included in my box and I figured I couldn't be the only one. As soon as I opened it I knew that I wanted to share the goodness with all of you. Rather than a couple of pictures, check out my very first video!

I'm slightly embarrassed because I rambled a couple of times and then talked incredibly fast at other times. That's me in real life though so at least now you know me better. Don't mind me though, look at all of those awesome goodies! 
Have you ever purchased anything from Pick Your Plum? Or maybe you swear by another site? 

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  1. These box deals are really great, too bad I live on the wrong side of the pond! ;-) I guess you just got your February craft ideas and your St. Patrick's Day decoration covered with all the green, right?

    So fun to see you live on video! Great to put a voice to one of the nicest people out there =) Loved your necklace, btw!

  2. I enjoyed your video; I just found your blog tonight! :) I have ordered a few times from Pick Your Plum. Here are some ideas with a couple of the goodies you got. With the linen thing - you weren't sure if it was a wall hanging or what - it would be cute to make into an oblong pillow. The green burlap ribbon could be used for a St Patty's Day wreath - to wrap around a wreath form (and remember you can do it on the cheap by using a tube of pipe insulation taped together). ;) The lined burlap "baskets" are such a great deal to be included with everything else. Wow! I know you didn't ask but those ideas just hit me as you were going through it all so I wanted to share. :D

    1. Holy wowzers, you're kind of a genius! That pillow idea is so much better than anything I could have ever dreamed up myself. Thanks for some truly wonderful input. xx Jess


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