Friday, February 1, 2013

Simple & Crafty Valentine's Day Vignette

While I wouldn't normally decorate for Valentine's Day, my wreath really got me in the v-day spirit! I set up a faux mantle in my craft room to keep my inspiration flowing. And get this, it's made completely out of leftover craft supplies... no purchase necessary. Check it out! 

I made this adorable J&J framed art and then went on a crusade searching out some red and pink odds and ends from around my craft room. 

The materials I used:
xl vintage spools of thread, yarn, and bakers twine
solid & gingham ribbons
a spool of thread
my grandma's vintage cookie tin
an Ikea ornament (the little red heart)
a berry spring
red/white & pink/white paper straws
little felt hearts 

Besides a cohesive theme, the most important thing to remember when assembly a vignette is a variety of sizes. Have some miniature pieces and other oversized items. I like completely random things thrown together in an organized chaos type situation.

It turned out so cheerful and craft-tacular. It fits perfectly into the fun and quirky decor of my office so I'm going to enjoy it for the next two weeks. And did I even mention how easy the art was to make? Ican't even justify doing a separate tutorial for the art... it's really that simple.

I got that frame a couple of years ago on clearance at Target after Valentine's day. We used it for something at our wedding (I can't remember what exactly for the life of me) and it's been sitting around in my frame stash since. Then this past weekend I came across that red and white wood grain tissue paper on clearance at Target as well (surprise, surprise). I framed a small section of the paper, and then used a dry-erase marker to write J+J in a small heart. Now there's a little something for the Mr. and I and it took what... 5 minutes?

Maybe next year, I'll go super blogger crazy. I can make some garlands and big ole dramatic wall art, but for now, I think I'll stick to this tiny shelf in my office. What about you?

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  1. Love that it's just so simple and so you! That's the kind of v-day decorating I could get on board with even if I am a horrible decoration (just discovered one last Christmas ornament hidden behind the curtain). Wood-grain paper =♡

    1. Horrible decorator, thats what I am. But I am a really good decoration, haha!

  2. This is super sweet! I love the yarn and the hearts and the paper straws! How perfect!

    1. Thanks so much, Holly! It felt so good to finally use up some things that have been laying around in my stash for months.

  3. It's so cute. I am waiting to celebrate Valentine's day on the 17th when I head back to Germany. I love the little Ikea heart!

  4. Lovely, very simple but so pretty! I love that you used stuff you already had on hand.
    Debbie :)


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