Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bird & Nest Mixed Media Canvas Art

I haven't posted a craft fail ever. Well, that's about to change. Usually I can tell when it's time to just toss a bad project but this was the first time where I just kept going and going and it just got worse and worse. Don't believe me? Take a look.

Even the Mr., with his heart of gold, couldn't say anything nice about it. It started as a "well baby, it's not that bad -- I like it." And gradually (after a ton of coaxing from me to tell me the truth) it became "well maybe you should change the big bird, and that little bird just doesn't match, and add something up there, and maybe change up the nest a bit." So pretty much, start over. HAHA.

I had originally been really excited about this idea in my head and it was going to be my round 1 submission at the SYTYC. But then, the crafting happened. There was no hope for anyone to actually vote for this.

Yeah, I turned into a messy, sepia colored grouch after this got underway. Once it was finished, or as finished as I cared to make it, I opted to kind of put it on display on the entryway coat cabinet thingymajig.

It's not because I like it but it does blend in with the natural/recycled decor over there. I think the real reason it didn't end up in the garbage is because it's too painful for me to admit that I trashed a super high quality canvas. Wahhhhhhh.

At least the other stuff in that vignette sort of classes it up... right? RIGHT?! I'll just keep telling myself that.

Check back tomorrow for a real project :-p

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  1. You just need to work on it some more. It's a great start. Another (very successful) artist friend of mine said to me, "The hard part is loving them through the uglies", and yours certainly isn't ugly. What she meant is that just about every piece of art goes through an awkward point that we either have to push through or abandon the piece. I would suggest to start with some more background and go from there. Good luck!

    1. That is excellent advice! I guess it's like a haircut -- every once in awhile it has it's own awkward stage that you just have to transcend. I'll keep that in mind if I have the urge to recreate it :) xx Jess

  2. If you don't like it that much can you at least take off the birds/next and use the background for another project? You could do a light wash of color (thinned paint) to do something like this: Or leave the birds/nest and add some pop of color with some fun tree branches coming from the left bottom corner? You may just need to put it aside for a little while and some great idea of how to make it make YOU happy with come. ;) I just saw a quote on Pinterest today that I had seen before but is a good one to remember: Mistakes are PROOF that you are TRYING! :D

  3. I really don't think that this is a fail - I love the idea and the materials you picked, and the only thing that I would like to change about it is the outline of the big bird that is a bit dark. And if you want to see a real fail, you should come by my house some day, I've got tons of them that I hide from the world ;-)


  4. At least your husband told you how he really feels. lol And I agree, you can fix it up, don't toss it.
    Debbie :)


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