Friday, March 8, 2013

Bottle Cap Memory Matching Game

Remember when I got my Pick Your Plum grab box way back when and did that awesome video? It took me awhile to decide how to use those decorative bottle caps and I finally came up with a great kid-friendly project. Remember the memory card games from when you were little? Now your kiddos can have this handy-dandy travel-sized bottle cap memory matching game in their stash.

So, what do you need?
- An assortment of bottle caps in an even amount (I used 20)
- Paint chips in a variety of colors (1 color per 2 bottle caps)
- Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
- 1" circle punch
- Hot glue & hot glue gun

1. Start by punching circles, two per color.

2. Hot glue the circles inside the caps. It doesn't matter if your caps are the same or not. If they are mismatched (like mine), just use different patterns for each color to make it interesting.

3. This is completely optional, but I think it makes all the difference and will most definitely help the pieces last longer. -- Squeeze a layer of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic over the paint chip circles to seal them.

4. Once the Mod Podge is dry, it is completely clear and has a shellac-like finish. Love it!

Now you're ready to challenge the kids to a game of Memory! Just flip the caps over, arrange them on a flat surface and it's time to let the pairing begin.  [A disclaimer of sorts -- since bottle caps could most definitely be a choking hazard do not let young children play with them unsupervised!]

I keep this set stashed in a spice jar from Ikea (the same kind of jar that I used for my alphabet stamps). So, now that you saw what I made, what would you have made with those bottle caps? I'm curious to hear!

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  1. So cute! I guess I was wrong with what I thought you made for your craft competition, though ;-) Hope you have a great Friday!


  2. I don't have bottle caps but I do have dozens of milk lids. This is a perfect idea for a I'm bored at the restaurant game. I'm making this soon! Thanks;)


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