Saturday, March 30, 2013

DIY Washi Tape Tray

A year ago, I shared the book page banner that I put in our bedroom and as you can see from those pictures, all of the room is neutral. Guess what? It still is. I'm a little embarrassed to even admit that I'm incredibly scared of introducing color into our decor. When I found a bright red floating frame on clearance at Target, I knew it was due time that I went out on a limb. That frame became a fun springtime jewelry tray and all it took were a few strips of washi tape.

Isn't that red just perfect? It's so eye-catching and contrasts the beige and white in the best way possible.

Start with your frame -- I prefer a float frame because it's a bit more interesting since the washi tape is also slightly translucent. This frame was from Target and was on super clearance -- originally $7.99, then $3.98, then $1.98... Woot woot! Such a steal for a frame that measures 8x10 (ideal for a 5x7).

2. Next, gather your washi tape. Can you tell I have a bit of a crush on this stuff?

3. Lay one pane of glass over your cutting pad and align it to the grid lines. Start by ripping off varying lengths of tape in coordinating colors and sticking them directly onto the glass. Be sure to apply them parallel to one another but don't worry if it's not perfect because washi peels up residue free.

3. Keep on keepin' on until your glass is filled.

4. Sandwich the washi tape layer between the second piece of glass and insert the glass panes back into the frame. Guess what? You're done.

Here's a closeup of the new washi tape jewelry tray in action on top of my dresser. I can lay out some of my favorite jewelry for the week and corral it all in one stylish spot. Did you spot my DIY Lace Earrings in there?

It doesn't have to be a jewelry tray though -- it could be a soap dish, a toiletry organizer, or even a really fun piece of art in a window (remember those washi tape suncatchers I made?!)

So tell me, what would you have done with that $1.99 frame?

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  1. Love the idea - looks so cheerful and summery, and I think we all need a little bit of that right now. Happy Easter to you, my dear! Hope the bunny hid some chocolate eggs for you :-D


  2. What a wonderful idea! Looks lovely! Happy Easter!

  3. So pretty! I love how it looks on your dresser!

    ~Steph @ Silver Boxes

  4. I love how you think outside of the box! :)
    I think I have almost all of the same rolls of Washi as you...guess I have a crush, too!

    Brooke -


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