Monday, March 18, 2013

Insta Replay Monday #25

Good morning, everyone! Did you have a nice St. Patrick's day? Did you even celebrate it? We are not those kind of people so we were not out bar hopping or pinching the non-green wearers. Instead, we had a weekend full of fun celebrating the Mr. turning 29! (Sorry for putting your age out there, baby!) Unfortunately, this weekend flew by and it's Monday again.

Highlights from this week?
Well, it's not a positive one, but it snowed. Ugh. I love winter but I'm so over it. 
I finished a DIY Link (from The Legend of Zelda) pillow for the Mr.
I started running again.
We had a big company-wide anniversary dinner for one of the managers on Thursday night
I stepped into a thrift store for the first time in over a year (thus the picture of the hexagonal table below! It was the ONLY good find but unfortunately would not fit in my car)
I got an autographed copy of Amy Atlas' Sweet Designs book
Surprise St. Paddy's day food on our doorstep from the best neighbor ever

Oh and yeah, did I mention it was the Mr.'s birthday? I may have been more excited than him!
** We had to cancel our original plans for the city because it was raining and then snowing so we spent the day locally -- breakfast at the diner, tons of snuggling and birthday presents, yummy cannoli cake, Dave & Busters for some gaming and drinks, walking around the KOP mall, and a delicious dinner at Benihana

(please note that I did not magically double my weight since last week -- I was having a ton of fun playing with the FatBooth app on my phone... haha)

Anywho -- come back later this week for some simple watercolor notecards and a little something inspired by one of my new favorite movies!

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  1. Argh, that stupid snow! But it sounds like you had an awesome weekend anyhow. What kind of Baileys drink did you guys make?


    PS And 29 - that's still a baby ;-)

  2. Happy Birthday to your Mr.! That table is awesome, too bad it would fit :/ + I love Benihana! My birthday dinner choice every year :)

    Lacey @ CHARM + Sass


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