Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hello Box Reveal

A couple months ago, I ran across the Hello Box initiative going on at Pink on the Cheek. The purpose of the Hello Box is not just to get a gift, it's to gain a friend. You spend the month getting to know a blogger that you are randomly paired with. You chit chat, you support one another's blogs, and hopefully, you become friends.

I was super lucky to get paired up with quite the lady: Lacey from Charm & Sass. You may have noticed her button in my sidebar for the past couple of weeks. She's sort of a supermom, lifestyle blogger, and wife extraordinaire all wound up into one. She sent me a hugeee package of fantastic goodies which was exactly what I needed after a rough couple weeks at the office. Check it out!

She spoiled me!

You can see what I gifted to Lacey on her Instagram feed! Do you know of any great blogger pair ups? I'd love to participate in more for sure!

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  1. Love the recipe binder, it's so adorable =) I'm really glad that this swap was a better for you than last time! xo

  2. Just looked at Hello Box becuase of your post, what a great way to meet people! Totally gonna give it a try next month.

  3. Sweet lady, you spoiled me! I hope you are having fun with the goodies! I love these pictures :)


  4. Are you kidding me?! You totes got spoiled!! Glad you loved doing this with me! xoxo

  5. Awesome goodies! Lovely :) I co-host a monthly blogger card exchange called the Karing Card Club. Just posted the new sign-up today, actually. I'd love to have you join us! :)


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