Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Duct Tape Kite Tutorial

So... duct tape, huh? Not my favorite stuff, that's for sure... This project was the death of me at So You Think You're Crafty... quite literally. While my duct tape kite wasn't anyone's favorite, I can't say that I hate it.  Honestly, I thought it was both fun and unexpected. 

This tutorial was a bit delayed, but enjoy!
Duct tape turned out to be the perfect material for a kite because it's durable, airtight, and even waterproof. Using a plastic shopping bag and two dowels as the base, I went to work. The kite body, bows, and ribbon tail were all crafted from colored duct tapes. To pretty it up I created a ruffled edge out of white duct tape.

1. Grab two dowels and lay them on a plastic shopping bag perpendicularly in a lowercase "t" shape
2. Draw a kite shape around the dowels with sharpie.
3. Remove the dowels & cover the entire thing with a layer of duct tape
4. Flip it over and cut out along the lines
5. Create a ruffle with a contrasting color and attach it around the side with the same color as the main part of the kite
6. Put the kite aside and grab the two dowels
7. Lay the dowels perpendicularly again and wrap them with string to hold them together
8. Tape the "t" down to the back of the kite
9. Make a couple duct tape bows  and affix them to a ribbon
10. Tape the ribbon to the base of the kite with more duct tape
11. Tie strong string to the dowels (one on each side and on the bottom) and leave a long tail to hold on to.

After it was all said and done (which turned out to be several hours because I'm not exactly talented with this stuff) I was actually quite worried that it was too heavy to fly. But, I soon found that my fears were unfounded as we had no trouble whatsoever getting this baby up high in the sky.

With just a little finagling and a ton of wind, you too can have a one of a kind Duct Tape Kite!

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  1. Ha ha, now that's high praise: "I can't say that I hate it"! ;-)

    Seriously, in my opinion duct tape is not meant for crafting. But you made the best out of it that can be made, so cheer up =) Loved the colors, and it does fly!


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