Monday, May 20, 2013

Insta Replay Monday #34

Good morning, friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! The Mr. and I spent tons of time together and I was able to work on several projects. I won't be sharing those just yet as they are a surprise for someone else (hehe!) but they look fantastic if I do say so myself. A weekend relaxing was just what the doctor ordered. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night though as our favorite neighbor and I will have our first pick-up at the CSA. I haven't done many recipes in awhile so I think I'll be creating some fun figure-friendly summer dishes to go along with our veggie pick-ups each week!

As for the Instagram recap -- take a look at last week :)
1 - Kitchen remodel progress | 2 - Healthy lunch time | 3 - A cocktail and a crazy straw, courtesy of the Mr. | 4. BFF Bonfire | 5. BFF <3 | 6. Ikea bedroom, the photobombed edition | 7. BEST new staged room at Ikea | 8. Ikea highlights!

Have a great Monday, all! I'll see you back here later this week.

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  1. That Ikea "patio"(?) sure is pretty - I love walking through the stores and picking up ideas. Did you buy anything?
    Have a great week!


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