Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Chalkboard Gift Tag Printable

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day! Take a look at these adorable Chalkboard Gift Tags that are perfect for expressing appreciation to your fave teachers. I realize it's a bit last minute but you still have time to surprise the teacher, so don't worry! Even if you miss the 'holiday' today, you'll soon want to come up with a nice thank you for the wonderful men and women who shaped your little ones over the past year.

The best teacher gifts are thoughtful, useful, and inexpensive. With these tags you have some easy gift options! Print out the image, cut 'em out, stop by Target for a cute mug, stuff it full of some goodies, and you're done. 
Simply save the full size image to your computer and print out on a normal sized sheet of cardstock or regular printer paper.

"You are a TEA-riffic teacher!"
Fill a mug with tea bags and tie the tag onto the handle
Slip the tag into a pitcher with the fixings for your favorite iced tea
Box together some fancy teas, lemon, and honey

"You were a CUP O' CHEER this year"
Fill a cup with school supplies: pencils, erasers, art supplies, etc.
Tie the tag onto a set of specialty measuring cups
Let the kids personalize a mug or thermos

"Thanks a LATTE for all you do"
Fill a mug to the brim with K-Cups and affix the tag to some ribbon
Gift a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts gift card
Donate a bag of freshly ground coffee for the teacher's breakroom

I hope you love giving these simple gifts as much as the teachers will love getting them. (I come from a background in teaching so I can vouch 100% that these gifts will be happily received.)

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  1. You always have the cutest little crafts. I'm not a huge crafter, but some of these projects are soooo simple I'm a little tempted.


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