Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Try Something New: Leeks

I'm already loving being part of the CSA and would really suggest joining one to anyone who has the opportunity. I made some delicious sauteed bok choy and tatsoi with garlic yesterday and it was out of this world. I'm really looking forward to making something wonderful with the leeks. They aren't a food completely unbeknownst to me but I've only ever had them in potato and leek soup.

Now that I have them in my arsenal, I'm so excited to try something new. I did some extensive searching and found some incredibly scrumptious looking leek recipes. Take a look!

There are so many options! I just can't decide what to make. What would you suggest? Do you have any tried and true recipes for leeks? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Given the name of your blog, I'd say go for the spoonbread! ;-) Besides, it looks yummy! xo


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