Friday, May 3, 2013

Womp. Womp. -- A SYTYC Round-Up

So it's official, I got knocked off this week from So You Think You're Crafty. I want to cry and pout but at least I got more than halfway through the season so that's the most you can ask for, right? I knew from the beginning that duct tape was going to be the toughest round for me. Nevertheless, I had an AMAZING time on the competition and have two more great projects that I'll be showcasing here over the next two weeks (Outdoors & DIY gift). If you'd be interested in competing in future seasons, be sure to reach out to Missy! She was such an amazing and supportive host throughout the season and boy oh boy is that girl creative; check out a little bit more about her here.

Since it has all come to an end, I thought it would be nice to do a round-up of sorts with all of my SYTYC projects in one spot.

AUDITION - You Choose
I almost didn't make it through the auditions with this Glitter and Leather Pennant Necklace, but that's what I get for procrastinating. You can make your own by following the tutorial here.

WEEK 1 - Spring
For Spring, I made this Pocketful of Posies pillow to send to my lovely bloggy friend, Lacey of Charm and Sass, for the Hello Box exchange. Take a look at the tutorial here.

WEEK 2 - Knock-Off
Knock-offs are kind of my favorite thing... sometimes I think I should make a blog of knock-offs only. These Anthro-Inspired Stacking trays are the bees knees and I seriously heart them. Check out the tutorial here.

WEEK 3 - 'Scrap'tastic
I use this DIY Coupon Organizer all the time. Even in the depths of my big dark bags, I can find it no problem and it's so much cuter than the plastic varieties in the dollar store. Find the tutorial here.

WEEK 4 - Kids Can Do
I'm going to be honest -- these hand-stamped seed sacks were my least favorite project this season but somehow they won the Kids Can Do challenge. You can see the tutorial here.

WEEK 5 - Upcycle/Repurpose
Quinn despises getting wet so making a raincoat just for her has been on my to-do list for almost a year now. I finally hunkered down and got it done with the upcycle challenge and it's probably my favore project of the season.

WEEK 6 - Duct Tape
So... this Duct Tape Kite was the loser of the bunch and while I don't anticipate using duct tape ever again, I do think it's awfully cute. I'll be sharing a tutorial next week.

WEEK 7 - Outdoor/Yard (Sneak Peek... stay tuned for the tutorial!)
I'm kind of sad that my Wooden Plank Welcome Mat won't make it to see the light of day at SYTYC but you will get a full tutorial next week!

WEEK 8 - Handmade Gifts (you'll just have to wait and see what I had planned)

Anyhow, I wanted to thank all of you for your support during the competition and your patience while other things (i.e. recipes) took the back burner here at Spool and Spoon. I'm so thankful to each of you for being here and coming back so often.

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  1. That sucks! You totally would have deserved to win this!
    Well, who actually needs duct tape? Go get a big chocolate cake right now =)

  2. What a great bunch of projects you have made :) And I'm super interested to see how you made that wooden mat. Job well done on SYTYC!


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