Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"All of Your Firsts" Wine Gift Basket (with tags!)

For my BFF's bridal shower, I wanted to give her something practical, unique, and full of personality. I can't claim this gift idea as my own, afterall, just browse Pinterest and you'll be amazed at the amount of results. Wine Basket Wedding Gift. Milestone Wine Basket. Basket of Firsts. Bridal Shower Wine Poem Basket. Whatever you call it, it's just plain awesome. I pulled most of my inspiration for this "All of Your Firsts" basket from My Chic Life and Amazing Bridal Showers

Since the original idea wasn't entirely my own, I had to be sure to change things up a bit. I'm definitely not a poet, but I can force a rhyme so I went to work on all of my tags. Starting with the gift sign -- "Quenching your thirst through all of your firsts!" I then jotted down ideas for the various firsts a married couple will experience. After settling on a couple, I sought out different wines to pair up with the tag ideas.. that was actually the most fun! It was like a scavenger hunt at our wine and spirits shoppe. 

WEDDING NIGHT -- Champagne
The day you've been waiting for has come to an end,
And now you're married to your very best friend!
This night is meant for you both to share.
Christine and Henry -- the perfect pair. 

FIRST BEACH TRIP -- The Beach House
The sun is glistening over the sea,
It's certainly no place for a cup of tea.
Tan under the sun with a glass of this wine,
The walk on the beach and forget the time.

FIRST FIGHT -- Clean Slate
When you're angry and mad, tempers may flare.
You need it to end, right then and there.
Open this bottle and make amends,
Then see how quickly the argument ends.
Toast to each other and make up with a kiss,
The very best way to settle all this.

Been married a year, where did the time go?
No longer newlyweds, now you are pros.
Your first toast to this date, it's certainly not the last.
And as you build your future, don't ever forget the past. 

A time to celebrate the end of a year,
A bottle of wine to share, right here.
Toast your future, your present, and to the past.
Your live is something that is meant to last!

Cupid saw Henry and shot an arrow through his heart.
He then found CJ and now you won't find them apart.
Toast to the day of candy, love, and kisses,
To Mr. Swartz and now to his Mrs.!

You can download the MS Word version here so you can personalize it for the bride and groom! When you're ready, print and cut the strips apart. You can punch holes and hang each tag from the bottleneck with ribbon. It's just a matter of personal taste but I'm not a fan of the messy ribbons and such in gift baskets. To keep things minimally invasive, I used double sided tape and affixed the strips to the back of each bottle. 

And that is that! To stabilize the bottles, shove in some dish towels / napkins / sponges / etc (something useful). I used a turquoise and lemon color scheme for the basket fillers to match the personalized Pick Your Plum cutting board.

What other "poems" would you have written? Any other good ideas for wine options??

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  1. What a great idea! I'm sure she loved it =) Must have been hard to find all of the matching wine labels, too. (I think American wine has more creative names, does that make it a bit easier?)


  2. I absolutely love this. Great job!

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  10. Could you tell me the font you used? I love it. Thanks!

    1. Jaclyn, I'm so incredibly sorry for the delay. The 'titles' are in KG Strawberry Limeade and the 'body' is in KG Eyes Wide Open.

  11. Could you tell me the font you used? I love it! Thanks

  12. Is there any way to change the coloring of the lettering or edit some of the words to make more personal. I've saved it , then tried to edit, and it simply won't let me.
    Any thoughts or suggestions??

    1. If by chance you see this, I'd be glad to send you a version you can edit. Please email me: jessATspoolandspoonblog.com

  13. Thanks! This is by far the most helpful post I have found about making this gift! :D I have been looking around the internet for a while and this just made my project a million times easier! Excited to make this now!

  14. I added an animal-themed bottle of wine for their first pet :)


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