Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How To: Single Bloom Centerpieces

I'm a fan of simple centerpieces, especially for casual get togethers. Low profile arrangements are my absolute fave! Rather than one gigantic bouquet, consider clustering a variety of glasses/vases/jars with a single blossom in each. The end result is just dreamy, if I do say so myself. Simply choose colors that go with your theme and run with it!

These single bloom arrangements were the perfect addition to my Candy Confetti Bridal Shower. 

How stunning are those roses?! Very. Right? Can't you just imagine how lovely they smell? Would you believe they're actually FAKE? Yep. I went for the high quality "real feel" roses at A.C. Moore (50% off... woot woot!) and I'm so glad I did. No one realized they were artificial -- even after touching them!


Start with the mason jar of your choice:

Plain mason jars have their place in this world but I wanted COLOR this time around. Rather than making a commitment and going permanent with paint or colored mod podge, I decided to go temporary with tissue paper inserts. Take tissue paper that matches your color scheme and fold it into a long thin strip (as wide as your jar is tall).

Roll the tissue paper up:

...And slip it into the jar. (Wow, that was hard, right?)

Now don't get too excited because you're not quite ready for the flowers yet. My secret to perfect floral arrangements? Flower frogs. I used DIY flower frogs to make the centerpieces more stable. 

See? Now you don't have to worry if the flowers don't sit quite right! 

You can make really hardy flower frogs out of chicken wire or punched tin but I think that's a bit complicated for an artificial flower arrangement. So, how did I make these flower frogs? Yeah, let's just say that I took a shortcut...

I cut a circle out of cardstock that would fit inside of the metal screw band. Then I cut a small slit in the center (my hole punch couldn't reach the middle... boohoo!)

I screwed the lid onto the jar and stuck a pencil through it to make the hole a bit more circular. Now you're ready to add your silk flower for a fabulously simple centerpiece. 

I made several of these in varying shades of peach, pink, coral, and white and spaced them out on the long narrow table where everyone was seated. They were feminine, soft, and the perfect accompaniment to the bridal shower theme. I also punched one inch circles from three sheets of glittered scrapbook paper (only $0.60 for all three!) to make a colorful confetti to scatter around the arrangements.

I gotta say, I'm pretty smitten with how they turned out. I should have called these my "can't-get-easier-than-this centerpieces" because: you.can't.get.any.easier.than.this. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh wow! These are stunning! I can't believe that is a fake flower. I love your diy flower frog too. I need to remember this idea for the future.

  2. Soooo pretty! I love that the color on the inside of the jar is not permanent so that you can use it over and over!

  3. So pretty, totally my colirs and hard to believe they're fake.

    Have to ask, though: What is a flower frog?


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