Sunday, June 9, 2013

May Karing Card - What I Sent

On Friday, I raved about the Karing Card Club at Kreative Kreationz. You saw the Gatsby-glam art deco card that Bethany sent me and now I'm going to share the one I made for her! I had meant to make this post go live on Saturday.... whoops. Sorry about that!

As a regular follower of Pitter and Glink (Bethany's blog), it's common knowledge that she's just a tad fanatic about pink and glitter. So rather than just a tad of each, I went all out.

glitter and paint chip pennants
pink washi tape
pink paper straw border
gold bakers twine
pink fonts
gold glitter

See? I wasn't kidding about all of the pink and glitter! I had to hold back because I constantly wanted to keep adding things to the card. I still feel a bit like a grinch because I didn't make anything other than a card for her and she went so far out of her way making a fabulous printable for me. 

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  1. So pretty - pink and glitter? And it's even better keeping in mind her blog name, right?


  2. I LOVE the card you sent me, and it was PERFECT on its own! :) Thanks for taking the time to make me something so special.


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