Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DIY Glitter & Flower Corsages

There are still so many little projects to share from the bridal shower so I hope you didn't think I was done just yet haha. 

I love that wedding season is here because so many are planning a shower, being a guest to one (or ten), or even planning their own wedding. I so fervently miss the days of wedding planning (but boy oh boy am I also so grateful that I'm done!) When the Mr. and I got married almost two years ago, before I even knew what a blog was, I had made fabric boutonnieres for our wedding. I loved making them and thought a set of corsages for the bridal shower (for the bride, bridesmaids, and mothers) would be an appreciated detail. 

These glittered corsages are what I came up with!

Pink and fabulous for the bride and white for everyone else! These were so easy to put together and you can  create a bunch in less than an hour. 
Start with pre-made silk boutonnieres. Or if you're like me and don't mind a little trial and error, grab some silk flowers, faux berries, and random bits of foliage. Trim them up, arrange them, and wrap the stems tightly with floral tape. I realize I didn't do a tutorial for this step, but there are a ton of videos on YouTube (it's much easier to understand if you watch it being done!)

I also tied some candy colored ribbons to the brides corsage to add some extra pizzazz. 

1. Start with finished silk boutonnieres
2. Cut out 2-3" circles from glittered chipboard or heavy-duty cardstock
3. Hot glue the glittered circle to the back of the boutonniere (glittered side up)
4. Hot glue a pin back to the reverse side of the card stock, at the top of the circle

And, with that, you're done. 

The glitter doesn't just add a fun element, it's also practical as it serves as a foundation for the corsage. It will lay flat on your clothes and won't tug at your outfit. But let's be real -- it's glittered! What's not to love?!

 See that beautiful mother of the bride sporting her corsage?

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  1. These are cute - love the ribbons! We don't really have corsages here in Germany (just a boutonniere for a really fancy groom), but I don't really know why.

  2. Well done Jess....beautiful corsages!

    Hope all is well with you and your family. xo


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